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Electrical Safety for First Responders


Annoucing the agreement for a new purchase of a 2025 Pierce #Enforcer 1,000 Gallon Custom Pumper this will be replacing an older 1997 Engine,

Thank you to the Apparatus Committee members involved in the design process and the Community Administrators in the support of this project to replace and aging 1997 Engine we currently use.



It's That Time Of Year

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Understanding Wildfire Danger Ratings


Low (L)

Favorable conditions. Wildfire ignitions are unlikely. Weather and fuel conditions will lead to slow fire spread, low intensity, and relatively easy control. Outdoor burning is safest.

Moderate (M)

Cautious conditions. Wildfires may be expected. Wildfires will ignite and spread but are usually not difficult to contain. Outdoor burning should be restricted to early morning and late evening while avoiding windy conditions.

 High (H)

Dangerous conditions. Wildfires ignite easily. Fires spread rapidly and are difficult to control under windy conditions. Outdoor burning is strongly discouraged.

Very High (VH)

Volatile conditions. Wildfires start easily and spread rapidly with increased intensity.  Fires are very difficult to control. Outdoor burning should not occur.

Extreme (E)

Extreme conditions. Wildfires start and spread rapidly. Every fire start has the potential to become a large wildfire. Outdoor burning should not occur.


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Volunteer or Paid Positions

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Job Description - Career Driver/Operator/Firefighter

Application Career Driver/Operator/Firefighter

Applications shall be completed and returned to NYCFR Fire Chief (EMAIL - Chief Morales).


Volunteering means being part of your community.

If interested in becoming a member.


PA State Police Criminal History Check

PA Drivers License Check Request

PA Child Abuse History Clearance Link

Junior Volunteer Program - For those interested between the ages of 14 - 18

Junior Program Description


PA State Police Criminal History Check

PA Child Abuse History Clearance Link


KinderAcademy Classes visit Station 15-1



Little Dreams Daycare Staff Training


Stonebridge Crossing June 15th, 2021



Company Training - Keeping Our Skills Sharp

July 10th 2021



NYCFR - Station 15 Fire Responses

March 14th, 2021


May 24th, 2021



A new beginning. As of January 1, 2018 two stations with a long and storied history merged to become one. York County Station 64 and 65 merged to become Station 15.

The idea started about 3 years prior. Realizing that something had to be done to save money, increase manpower and have a plan for the future.

A steering committee was established to research the idea. Visits to other stations that had gone thru the process were made. Meetings were scheduled, an attorney was hired and members accepted tasks. All in an effort to make the transition smooth and efficient.

As the merger date got closer, officers were appointed and administrative positions were filled.

All this in an effort to strengthen our commitment to the community to be the very best.

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