NYCFR Fireman's Relief

Northern York County Fireman's Relief

Volunteer firefighters’ relief associations are separate legal organizations affiliated with volunteer fire companies and/or volunteer fire departments (herein referred to as fire company). The volunteer firefighters’ relief association (VFRA) is a separate legal entity from the fire company. VFRAs are funded by a statutory disbursement of foreign fire insurance tax funds. Disbursements are made to the VFRA’s local municipality who then will forward the funds to the VFRA. The purpose of the VFRA is to encourage individuals to take part in the fire service as a volunteer and to provide funds for the protection of the volunteer firefighter and their heirs.


Board of Directors 

President - Todd Cok

Vice President - Robert Pomeroy

Recording Secretary - Jennifer Mitchem

Treasurer - Leo Wiederhoeft

Director At Large - Hector Morales

Director At Large - Carla Snyder

Director At Large - Donnie Dye III

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